A week ago I had escaped to Paris, as I tend to do when things get overwheming. It’s my safe space. I usually feel much more free and relaxed there; as I leave all my adult responsibilites behind to become a stay at home daughter for a week (or two). I can be as creative as I like, because I’m constantly exploring and eating good without guilt.

However Paris was a short film. There are not enough hours in the day to see everyone and do everything the city has to offer. In my notes app I have curated a list of personal hot spots and non stops (as innnnnn, you dont need to make a stop there); as I felt my trips were getting repetitive. I’ve been going to Paris for years but this week I have mastered the underground. Not thanks to city mapper but thanks to the cool people i’ve met, that push the culture from the ground up.

First and foremost I started my week linking up with my ride or die Dyatou. We have gotten into tonnes of compromising predicaments. Yet it is only due to the fact we are “les filles de la night”. On several occasions we have managed to miss last trains, after nights full of absolute fun and or madness we’ll live to tell our children. To summarise the highlights, I will bring you in on people I think we should watch out for. The next big thing is just a 2h47min train journey away.

Monsieur Bonheur’s exhibition began on October 23rd. La trilogie du Bonheur’ it was called. The photography project stemmed from 2014–2019, where he captured the renaissance from his neighbourhood. To briefly introduce you to the storyline of Renaissance, Le 93 has been branded a “no go zone” due to gaining the title of being France’s most notorious banlieue . Despite it’s demonisation, the 93 has birthed many great creatives and artists — Bonheur takes you on a journey through the day to day life outside of vilifying news coverage.

@monsieurbonheur IG

The following day we had a full day re-exploring Champs Elysees with a new guest added to our tour. Imagine living by line one Paris metro, and available to you is all of Paris’ hot spots and not going colombus (see what I did there, because Columbus took advantage of his “discoveries”)...

First nonstop for all fellow tourists: Ladurée French luxury bakery and sweets maker house created in 1862. Although the resturant is pleasing to look at and the food is actually delicious, the wait and customer service is not worth it. I am also convinced they are cleaning money in that restaurant, as we casually watched waiters sneak bills into each others hands whilst service was long awaited. So sis save your coins and make your french toast at home because portion wise, the menu prices are not worth it.

Later that evening at Silencio (private club dedicated to creative communities) of which I am one, other wise how else did I get it in right… KillAson perfomed his brand new album Supaheroz. The Hip/Hop Rap album surprised me during the live set because, any artist that can convince me french people should rap in english can get an automatic win (the accent is not often convincing of the latter). Killa himself brought the energy of 8 freestyle dancers into his performance; before even inviting them up on stage. In front of me all I could see were middle aged white people, that seemed to know nothing about hip/hop or rhythm. Nevertheless ENERGI one of my faves; will make you feel exactly what’s on the tin ‘my Brudda’, so who really needs natural born rhythm when you can inject it.

As I mentioned at the start of this piece, you need much more hours to complete an entire mission in Paris that includes linking up, enjoying and dining all in one day. Next time Aurelie explores I will consider time management and commuting. Paris gets a lot of hate, because it’s not wildly as popular to young travellers but personally, knowing the ins and outs, the nooks and crannies of Paris I continue to fall in love with the city and the people helping me explore it more deeply.

UAL BA Journalism Grad: carlaaureliem@gmail.com

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