#EndSARS and #DefundThePolice have a thing or two in common.

The two organisations are government tools that enforce law by ensighting fear and often murdering innocents. All to control the population using fear.

Simply put people have been protesting for basic rights also known as freedom to exist. It seems as though the older generation don’t want to see the future of their country run by the great young advanced, intelligent youth who genuinely care about their nation because corruption, fear and manipulation has long been the norm.

In conversation about BLM and police brutality with an family friend raised – as a black woman she rejected BLM and sided with Trump’s handling of protests. That alone revealed a lot about the lack of evolvement and dismantlement of organisations like SARS. She stated her siding with Trump was due to his Christian values – the same Christianity that promotes non judgement of others (but in practice that is never the actual case) – they stand against gay rights, rights that doesn’t affect their straight self or harm anyone, this is simply not agreeing with equality is for everyone… lastly this included their hate for Obama a true war criminal behind the scenes, which is understandable due to the many crimes he has committed against numerous African nations. TRUMP IS NO BETTER.

There was a further argument against BLM (I simply want to believe is a loss in translation) but honest calling out of the movement. #BLACKLIVESMATTER isn’t a general cause to everybody that happens to black, but originally highlighted the abuse and police brutality Black Americans faced. And this year alone we saw the campaigns and protests resurface due to George Floyd’s death, rallied by the death of numerous women black women such Breonna Taylor and many other women and protestors deaths. In the month of June everyone that has social media could see and participate in the outrage and demands to defund the police, with reasoning to redistribute funds in organisations and areas where serious change could be made in communities that would significantly reduce crime or the appearance of it with out police involvement… many bandwagonned on these series of events.

They said they don’t support BLM because they don’t care about African lives that are black… now if you don’t mind me, I was incredibly confused that day because I thought why must they wait for people in another country to raise awareness and fight a fight they felt strongly about… when they can STAND up with their people or diaspora and do the right thing? But with SARS protests occurring today I thought it’s FEAR and years of oppression and control talking.

Same with how people think “Beyoncé is the Kent Clark of Africa”. I clearly understand the argument of why she should raise awareness due to her status and powerful effect on social media, (eventually she was bullied into making a statement) but we have been condition to believe celebrities will be there with real influence in our lives exactly how it’s vice versa when it comes to their music. Why are we waiting for celebrities to come and fight for us? This pandemic alone celebrities have tried so hard to appear relatable that it in fact, clarified how far removed the majority are from us regular folk.

An older generation who follows news updates from back home shouldn’t sit and discuss but should stand and fight?? But again fear has long controlled African people, that possibly losing their life for a cause that would allow future generations to live there’s freely is incomprehensible… What the youth have today is the ability to see through the bullshit and take that evidence to embarrass and prove people in power wrong. Another thing holding African people back is embarrassment, someone can never show their face again because of mistakes and due to this fact so people will continue to die even more.

UAL BA Journalism Grad: carlaaureliem@gmail.com

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