This year artists have not failed to keep us distracted even if for a few moments with the release of new music. Although every month most people have feared impending doom and the soundtrack to 2020 (Jaws film theme tune) grew louder, the precious sound of Disco heavily influenced many artists this year… though the genre in it’s purest form quickly became unpopular during the 70's era, elements of the genre morphed into many popular genres popularly listened to today.

A few albums that managed to transport me to an alternate reality were from the likes of Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Jessie Ware. Props to Doja Cat and Victoria Monet for fabricating nostalgic visuals also. Chromatica pulled from early nineties house culture (the daughter of peak disco), whilst Future Nostalgia “pruned away the disco catalog sound” preparing audiences for buoyant records like ‘What’s your pleasure’ an album which went deep into the studio 54 bag reviving the genre. As a genre disco is lavishly escapist (studio 54’s whole vibe provided a world for individuals to come in a live an experience). Only a few albums were hits this year, by creating a sense of escapism from the current pandemic at hand, with the big pop trend being disco revivalism. Though ironically revived in a year where we’re unable to go out and enjoy these full on dance albums at the club, in retrospect Disco is destined to fail in this world – we truly don’t deserve her.

10 songs that gave my old disco dancing soul the will to live this quarantine:

Doja Cat’s “Say So,” which pulls from similar Seventies funk and disco elements

The Weekends addictive Blinding Lights…

Jessie Ware sultry album ‘Whats your pleasure?’ aka Future Nostalgia’s big sister says hey. The album nods at the studio 54 era, Jessie’s nostalgic effort immerse’s fans in the sound old school, dance pop sounds.

Although Kylie Minogue’s entire new album is an ode to the genre, the leading single Say Something truly captures the ‘DISCO’ vibe.

Victoria Monet did a thing with Jaguar. Experience is a song you can easily get immersed in.

Director & Set designer: how 70’s do you want the video to be?

Victoria: rollerskating rink.

Lady Gaga — Replay samples Diana Ross — It’s My House. enough said.

Dua Lipa — Levitating

Chloe x Halle — Ungodly hour

Lady Gaga — Enigma

UAL BA Journalism Grad:

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